Daewoo Engineering & Construction - Quay Mooring Analysis for 4,400TEU & 12,000TEU Container Ships in Kwangyang Container Port(3rd Stage/1st Phase)
- Transportations, Floatation & Installation Engineering of Large Concrete Caisson(6,000ton)
Eun San Industrial Development & Construction - Bridge Pier Protection Facility Design for 20,000DT & 50,000DT Ship Impact Forces
Samsung Corporation - Quay Mooring Analysis for 20,000DWT Container Ship & 40,000G/T PCC and Port Facility Design Check in Busan New Port
Daewoo Engineering & Construction - Engineering Management & Coordination for Civil Design of AGIP WLGP Development Project in Libya
Hyundai Engineering &
- Civil and Steel Structure Design and Engineering for the South Pars Field Development(Phases 4 & 5) Project in Iran

Daewoo Engineering & Construction/ Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering

- Basic Design & Engineering for Deep Seawater Development Project in East Coast of Korean Peninsula (Water Depth=300m, Design Flow Rate=5,000ton/day)
Daewoo Engineering & Construction/ Korea Gas Corporation - Engineering Management & Coordination for the Feasibility Study of Irkutsk Gas Export Subsea Pipeline in Yellow Sea between China and Korea(Total Length=536.9km)