Hanmac Engineering

Transportation and Launching Analysis of Concrete Caisson for the Breakwater of Saemangeum New Port, Ship Traffic Survey by Portable Radar & Ship Traffic Analysis


Design of Pontoons, Dolphin Piles & Auxiliary Facilities for Wangsan Marina

SF Marina

Design of Pontoons, Connectors & Dolphin Mooring System for Ocean Park in Pohang Port


Design of Mooring Facilities for Leisure Boats in Daejeon Gapcheon

Hangdo Engineering

Launching and Towing Analysis of Seawall Caisson for Songdo Dredged Material Disposal Area in Busan New Port

SF Marina

Wave Study for Floating Breakwater in Jeju Haye Port


Launching and Transportation Analysis of Concrete Caisson for South Breakwater of Busan Gamcheon Port

Hankook Ropeway Industries

Safety Review for Steel Tower and Cable Support of Namsan Cable Car


Dynamic Mooring Analysis for Floating Dock of Daesun Shipbuilding

Samsung C&T

Mooring and Towing Analysis of Floating Dock in Jeju Naval Base

Mokpo National Maritime Univ

Ship Collision Analysis and Risk Study for Incheon Bridge

Shinhwa Marine

Mooring Design of Floating Breakwater in Jeju Haye Port

Seil Engineering

Dynamic Mooring Analysis for Marina Pontoons in Hupo Port

Hyein E&C

Bidding Design for Jazan Refinery and Terminal Project in Saudi Arabia


Facility Design for Biomass Algae Aquaculture

Gimpo Fire Station

Pontoon & Mooring System Design for Fire Fighting Vessel

Samsung C&T

Safety Check & Design for Construction of Breakwater Caisson in Jeju Naval Base

Galateia Maritime

Ship Collision Analysis for Leading Dolphins of Incheon Lock Gate

KT Submarine

Calculation Study for Ship RAO and Hydrodynamic Force