Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering - Chevron/Texaco Sanha Condensate Project
TLI Frame Design for Air Coolers on PCP Top Desk
POSCO Engineering & Construction - Quay Mooring Analysis of 20,000DWT & 30,000DWT
General Cargo Ship in Kwangyang Joongma Port
- Transportation, Floatation & Installation Engineering of Large Concrete Caisson
- Nonlinear Simulation of Cargo Ship Collision with Fender System during Berthing
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering - BP Thunder Horse Project
Structural Analysis & Design for Tensioner Platform and Access Platform
Daewoo Engineering & Construction - Quay Mooring Analysis of Very Large Container Ship for Kwangyang Container Port(3rd Stage/2nd Phase)
- Annual Downtime Estimation of the Port based on Vessel Mooring Analysis
- Silt Protector Design & Analysis considering Wave Dynamics
- Structural Dynamic & Seismic Analysis of Container Crane
- Motion Analysis of Very Large Container Ship during Berthing and Mooring at the Quay
- Transportation, Floatation & Installation Analysis of Large Concrete Caisson
Hyundai Engineering Sempra Baja LNG Terminal Project
Structural Analysis and Design of Mooring & Berthing Dolphin, Jetty, Trestle, Loading Platform and Catwalk
LG Engineering & Construction Ship Collision Analysis & Pier Protection Design for Goha-Jukyo Grand Bridge in Mokpo Area
Hyundai Heavy Industries Huizhou 19-2 & 19-3 Project(South China Sea), Jacket Ship Impact Analysis, Deck In-place/Load-out/Transportation Analysis, Weight Control Report, Jacket/Deck Miscellaneous Design & Analysis, Jacket On-bottom Analysis & Mudmat Design
Samsung Corporation
(Engineering & Construction)
Busan New Container Terminal Project, Quay Mooring Analysis & Annual Downtime Estimation, Nonlinear Berthing Simulation, Container Crane Wheel Load Estimation, Large Concrete Caisson Transportation/Motion/Mooring/Stability Analysis, Silt Protector Dynamic Load Estimation, Marine Traffic & Ship Manoeuvring Simulation, Wave Load Estimation of Slit Caisson, Quay Design Considering Berthing & Mooring Safety, Current Field Simulation for Ship Propulsion at Quay Side
Hyundai Development Company Pyungtaek Port Project, Quay Mooring Analysis & Annual Downtime Estimation of Container & Cargo Ship
Daewoo E & C Sihwa Tidal Power Plant Project, Mooring Analysis of LNG Vessel & Annual Downtime Estimation
Korea Ocean Research
& Development Institute
Feasibility Study for Deep Ocean Water Development Project of Youngduk County