Saman(Yeosu City)

Yeosu Kukdong Fishing Port, Pontoon Terminal, Connecting Bridge, Floating Fishing Facility Design and Mooring Analysis

Hyein E&C

Yeosu East Breakwater, Rock Armour Design and Analysis for Dynamic Wave Force, Fatigue Analysis, Mass Concrete Heat Analysis, Scour Simulation and Protection Design

Sekwang(Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries)

Floating Dock Dynamic Mooring Analysis and Design, O&M Review

Dasan(Samsung E&C)

Gunjang Bridge, Ship Maneuvering Simulation, Span and Ship Collision Risk Assessment, Nonlinear Collision Simulation and Protection Design, Silt Protector Design

Deco(Hyundai E&C)

Ulsan Port, Yeompo Wharf, Ship Maneuvering Simulation and Safety Check for 30,000DWT Cargo Ship

Mokpo National Maritime Univ(Jeonnam Provincial Gov.)

Feasibility Study for Water Villa Resort in Jeonnam Province

Korea Institute of Maritime & Fisheries Technology

Incheon & Pyungtaek Port, Dynamic Mooring Analysis of 270,000m3 Class LNG Vessel

Mokpo City

Mokpo Floating Marina Basic & Detail Design

Jinhae City

Jinhae Floating Marina Feasibility Study & Master Plan

Hankook Ropeway Ind.

Namsan Cable Car Supporting Structure, Safety Check & Reinforcement Design

Handong(GS Caltex)

Gwangyang GS Caltex 3A Berth, Dynamic Mooring Analysis of 50,000DWT Class Cargo Ship & Port Facility Safety Review with Operation Criteria

Seoul City

Han River, Floating Bridge Safety Review for Hi Seoul Festival

Korea Maritime Institute

Muan Fishing Leisure Park, Feasibilty Study and Basic Design

Korea Maritime Institute

Kyungnam Province Marina Feasibility Study and Master Plan

Yooshin(Daerim Industrial Corp.)

Gwangyang Grand Bridge, Ship Collision Simulation and Protection Facility Safety Review

Deco(Daewoo E&C)

Qatar Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project, Dynamic Mooring Analysis of 300,000DWT Tanker Moored at Large Tanker Berths LPB30/31

Ourculture Cultivative Association

Semiwon Floating Bridge Basic & Detail Design

Yedam(SPP Shipbuilding)

Sacheon Bridge, 50,000DWT Class Ship Collision Simulation and Protection Facility Design

Tongyeong City

Tongyeong Marina Basic Planning

Korea Energy Management Corp.

R & D Project for High Efficiency Floating Marine Current Power Generation(2nd Year)

Hyundai Development Co.

Busan North Port Bridge Ramp-A, Ship Collision Simulation and Protection Facility Safety Review

Saman(Busan Port Authority) Busan North Port Redevelopment Project, Ship Traffic Safety Review, Ship Maneuvering Simulation, Traffic Review & Future Simulation, Ship Collision Risk Estimation, Mooring Safety Review