Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute(KORDI)

Dynamic Mooring Analysis of Movable Fishing Cage for Offshore Aquaculture

Mokpo City

Gatbawi Floating Pier Access Bridge Design

Ulsan Port Authority

Mooring Analysis & Structural Safety Check for Double Banking Operation at Ulsan & Onsan Port

Korea Maritime Institute(KMI)

Basic Planning for Geoje Daepo Port Marina

Daewoo E&C

Basic Design of Floating Structure & Mooring System for Floating Islands at Han River

Hankook Ropeway Industries

Structural Reinforcement Design for Namsan Cable Car


Ship Mooring Analysis for Pohang Bulk Port3 Class LNG Vessel

Hyein E&C

Basic Study for Floating Structure of Yeosu Expo 2012

Professional Engineers Society of Korea

Crane Barge Dynamic Towing Analysis

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries

Floating Dock Mooring Analysis during Loadout

Daewoo E&C

Ship Maneuvering Simulation for Gyodong Bridge

Hyundai E&C

Ship Mooring Analysis for Dolphin Quay of Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries

Saman Corp.

Ship Traffic Simulation & Channel Risk Assessment for North Breakwater of Ulsan New Port

Korea Ropeway Co.

Steel Tower Structural Analysis for Milyang Cable Car

Kunil Engineering(GS E&C)

Ship Mooring Analysis & Annual Downtime Estimation, Collision Protection Analysis for Nearby Dolphin Port, Caisson Stability Analysis during Launching for Incheon New Container Terminal Stage 1-1

Deco(Daewoo E&C)

Qatar Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project, Dynamic Mooring Analysis of 300,000DWT Tanker Moored at Large Tanker Berths LPB30/31


Caisson Stability during Transportation & Fatigue Analysis for Dynamic Wave Force for North Breakwater of Ulsan New Port

Korea National Park

Floating Concrete Pier Construction at Jisim Island in Geoje

Yooshin Corp.
(Daerim Industrial)

Submarine Pipeline Stability Check & Reinforcement Design, Revetment Scouring Simulation & Protection Design for Saemankeum Sinsi Area

Korea Port Engineering
(Samsung Corp.)

Ship Maneuvering Simulation & Traffic Assessment for Incheon New Container Terminal Stage 1-1

Soul Flora Corp.

Mooring Analysis & Design for Han River Floating Islands

Korea Maritime Institute(KMI) Basic Design for Marine Fishing Park of Ulsan Dong-Gu