Daewoo E & C

Busan-Geoje Fixed Link Project, Offshore Transportation & Installation Engineering for Piers, Caissons and Bridge Structures

Hyundai Development Co.

Pyungtaek-Dangjin Port
- Quay Mooring Analysis & Annual Downtime Estimation
- Caisson Transportation Analysis
- Ship Wave Simulation

Hanjin Heavy Industries

No. 2 & 4 Wharf Extension Project, Quay Mooring Analysis

Hyundai Development Co.

Busan North Port Bridge Project
- Ship to Pier Collision Risk Analysis
- Collision Protection Facility Design
- Numerical Nonlinear Collision Simulation

Hampyung County

Basic Design of Offshore Floating Marina Facilities

Samsung Corporation

Gunjang Industrial Complex Project
- Channel Discharge Gate Collision Simulation with Ship
- Fatigue Analysis
- Scouring Simulation & Protection Design
- Ship Navigation Simulation
- Floater Dynamic Mooring Analysis & Anchor Design
- Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Channel Discharge Gate

Hyundai Engineering Co. Nigeria EGP-III Project, Piperack & Steel Platform Design
Samsung Corporation Incheon Grand Bridge, Ship Wave Simulation & Mooring Analysis of Construction Vessels
Amco Co. Dangjin INI Steel Project, Equipment Foundation Structure Design
Hyundai Engineering Co. Kuwait KNPC New Oil Pier Berth 5 & 6 Project, Mooring Analysis, Mooring & Berthing Dolphin Design
Hyundai E & C Gunjang New Port Project, Fatigue Analysis of Slit Caisson
Dongyang E & C

Gunjang New Port Project
- Ship Traffic Observation by Potable Radar
- Channel Traffic Simulation & Collision Risk Analysis
- Scouring Simulation and Protection Design