T.Y.Lin International & Pyunghwa Engineering

Marine Studies with Marine Traffic Survey, Ship Maneuvering Simulation, Navigational Lighting Studies including Safety Measure for Vessel Traffic during Construction and Service Stage of Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge Project in Philippines

Daeyang Engineering

Design Consulting and Proposal Preparation for Marina Redevelopment Project in Busan Suyoung Bay

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries

Technical Standard Revision for Marine Navigational Aids, Structural Safety Check of Standard Aids and Lighthouse, Program Development for Structural Safety Calculation, Safety and Health Management Manual Preparation

Korea Institute of Marine Science and Technology Promotion

Conceptual Design of Underwater Habitat Structure for Underwater Space Utilization R&D Project

Korean Register

Safety Check and Estimation for Ship-to-ship LNG Bunkering

DS Construction

Dynamic Mooring Analysis of Construction Vessel for 154kV Submarine Cable Installation Project in Hwawon-Anjwa Area


Dynamic Motion & Mooring Analysis and Structural Safety Check for Deepwater Floating Lidar Buoy


Structural Design and Analysis for Metocean Survey Lidar Buoy

DY Engineering

Marine Traffic Survey and Analysis, Ship Maneuvering Safety Check and Manual Preparation for Dredged Material Dumping Area Construction Project in Gwangyang Port

Hyein E&C

Marine Traffic Survey and Analysis, Dynamic Mooring Analysis of Quay Moored Ships & Port Operational Efficiency Check, Transportation, Launching, Towing & Installation Analysis of Large Caissons for Quay Construction Project(1st Stage) in Saemankeum New Port

Seoyeong Engineering

Ship Maneuvering Simulation and Safety Check for Garyock Wharf Extension Project in Samankeum

Dongil Shipbuilding

Dynamic Mooring Analysis and Safety Check for Floating Jetty

Total Yeseon Service

Fatigue Analysis and Inspection Model Development for the Prediction of Vibration Measurement during Quay Container Crane Operation

Sambo Engineering

Ship Maneuvering Simulation for Interconnecting Bridge Construction Project in Yeosu Gyungdo Area

Korea Research Institute of Ship and Ocean Engineering

Conceptual Design and Thermal Stress Analysis for Liquefied Hydrogen Tank R&D Project