Mokpo National Maritime University

Safety Check of Collision Protection Facilities in Incheon Grand Bridge for VLCC Ship

Korea Institute of Marine Science and Techology Promotion

Unit Platform Design & Development for the MW Class Offshore Solar Energy(2nd year)

Korean Society of Ocean Engineers

Submarine Pipeline Reinforcement Design for Ulsan North Harbour


Structural Design for Floating Breakwater and Mooring Facilities of Water Leisure Sports Center in Han River, Seoul

Korea Research Institute of Ship and Ocean Engineering

Structural Detail Design of OTEC Plant


Substructure Design for 4.2MW Offshore Wind Turbine of Unison


Substructure Design for 5.5MW Offshore Wind Turbine of Doosan

Korea Port Engineering Corp.

Ship Navigation Simulation and Marine Traffic Analysis for Reef Removal Project of Gwangyang Container Port

Daeyang Engineering

Transportation Analysis of Concrete Caisson and Dynamic Mooring Analysis of Floating Pier for North Revetment in Saemankum New Port

Jinwoo Engineering

Fishery Survey and Ship Navigation Analysis for Interconnecting Bridge & Road between Aphae and Hwawon

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries

R&D for Decommissioning of Offshore Wind Farm

Korea Port Engineering Corp.

Dynamic Mooring Analysis and Estimation of Port Operational Efficiency, Ship Navigation Safety and Marine Traffic Analysis for Incheon New Container Port

Korea Research Institute of Ship and Ocean Engineering

Dynamic Motion Analysis and Design of OTEC Spar Buoy Riser

Samsung C&T

Concrete Caisson Transportation Analysis by Floating Dock for Aninn Thermal Power Plant in Gangneung