Daewoo E & C

Gaduk-Geoje Bridge Project, Transportation & Installation Analysis of Caisson, Pier and Road Sections

Hanjin Heavy Industries

Floor Slab Vibration Analysis for Noise Control

Daerim Industrial Co.

Jeju Outer Port Phase II Project
- Ship Navigation Simulation
- Mooring & Berthing Analysis
- Annual Downtime Estimation
- Ship Wake Simulation
- Ship Propeller Induced Current Simulation
- Scouring Simulation & Protection Design
- Silt Protector Analysis & Design
- Caisson Transportation & Installation Analysis

Hyundai Engineering Kuwait Shuaiba Oil Pier Project, 5,000DWT & 45,000DWT Tanker Mooring Analysis
Hampeong County Detail Design of Floating Marina
Chungsuk Engineering Busan New Container Port, Railroad Bridge Project, Topside Installation Analysis and Temporary Bent Design
Hyein E & C Goongchon Port Project
- Caisson Concrete Crack Propagation Study
- Earthquake Analysis Considering Fluid-Soil-Structure Interaction
- Dynamic Structural & Fatigue Analysis for Caisson & TTP
- Massive Concrete Hydration Heat Study
- Seawater Salt Damage Estimation & Durability Check
Korea Maritime Institute Marina Planning for Multi-purpose Fishing Port
Samsung Corporation Busan-Geoje Connecting Road Project, Nulcha Bridge
- Ship Navigation Simulation
- Ship Collision Analysis
- Silt Protector Analysis & Design
Hann-Ocean Technology Singapore CPS Floating Platform, 3D Rigid Body Motion & Hydroelastic Simulation, Boundary and Interface Load Analysis
Korea Institute of Maritime & Fisheries Technology Ship Mooring Analysis and Dolphin Safety Check for Berthing Capacity Increase of Ulsan Port
Posco E & C Busan New Container Port Phase 2-4
Korea Maritime Institute Feasibility Study & Basic Planning for Tongyeong Ocean Fishing Park
Korea Energy Management Corporation R & D Project for High Efficiency Floating Marine Current Power Generation
Daerim Industrial Co. Gwangyang-Yeosoo Bridge Project
- Ship Collision Risk Assessment
- Numerical Simulation for Nonlinear Dynamic Ship Collision
- Centrifuge Simulation for Solid Ship Collision to Protection Island
- Collision Protection Design
Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute Basic Design of Floating Ocean Deepwater Production, Storage & Offloading Facility with Ocean Nutrient Enhancer
Youngduk County Basic Planning & Feasibility Study for Ocean Marina of Byunggok Port
Hyein E & C Mokpo Marine Coast Guard Wharf Project
- Massive Concrete Hydration Heat Study
- Seawater Salt Damage Estimation & Durability Check
- Caisson Concrete Crack Propagation Study
- Dynamic Structural & Fatigue Analysis for Caisson & TTP
- Ship Mooring Analysis
- Nonlinear Collision Analysis & Protection Design