KT Submarine

Dynamic Mooring Analysis in Deep Water

Korea Port Engineering (Daewoo E&C)

Morocco Laayoune New Phosphate Port, Ship Maneuvering Simulation


Panama Costa Norte LNG Terminal, Operability Study and Ship Maneuvering Simulation

Leeyoung SND

Mooring System Design & Engineering

Kyeongseung DCI

Ulsan New Port, South Breakwater Caisson Transportation & Launching Analysis

Kyongdong & Yedahm Engineering etc.

Han River Naval Ship Park, Mooring Analysis, Collision Analysis during Flood, Bridge Interference Check during Towing Operation

Seil Engineering (Daewoo E&C)

Changbogo Project, Ship Maneuvering Simulation during Arrival/Departure & for Lifting/Launching, Dynamic Motion Analysis of Ship & Platform, Marine Traffic Analysis, Scouring Check due to Ship Propeller, Wind Resistance Check during Transfer

Hyein E&C

Pohang Youngil Bay Port, North Breakwater, Marine Traffic Analysis

Korea Port Engineering

Donghae Port 3rd Stage Shore Protection, Ship Collision Analysis

Sekwang Engineering Consultants

Submarine Pipeline Installation Analysis for 1MW OTEC

Korea Ocean Engineering & Consultants

Submarine Cable Installation & Dynamic Mooring Analysis

Shindong Digitech

Mooring System Design