Taehung Construction
(Daewoo E&C)

Floating Dock Stability, Safety Check and Reinforcement Design during Caisson Loadout in Algeria

Sekwang Engineering Consultants & Sungshin E&C

Ship Mooring Analysis for Oil Jetty of KNOC in Yeosu

Kunil Engineering
(Hyundai E&C)

Caisson Stability Check during Launching by DCL for Incheon 1-1 Stage New Container Terminal

EPS Solution
(SK E&C)

Ship Maneuvering & Collision Simulation for Estuary Reconstruction Project in Yeongsan River

Daewoo E&C

Barge Stability Check for Heavy Weight Transportation in Qatar Repair Ship Yard

Dohwa Consulting Engineers
(Samsung Heavy Industries)

Basic Design of Marina, Leisure Port & Quay Wall in Mankyung Area of Saemankeum Revetment Project


Pontoon Stability Analysis for Yokji Berthing Facility

Hyein E&C

Marina & Floating Breakwater Design for Jinhae Yacht School

Hankook Ropeway Industries

Structural Reinforcement Design for Steel Tower #1 of Namsan Cable Car

Seoyeong Engineering

Ship Maneuvering Simulation for Makok Waterfront


Mobile Harbor Automatic Docking System Design & Model Test

Goseong County

Floating Breakwater Supply & Installation for Danghangpo Tourist Resort Marina

Yooil Engineering Consultants
(Samsung C&T)

Ship Mooring Analysis for Oil Supply & Transfer Base in Busan New Container Port

EPS Solution (SK E&C)

Ship Maneuvering Simulation of Main Channel for Estuary Reconstruction Project in Yeongsan River

Kunil Engineering

Ship Maneuvering Simulation and Study for Busan North Port Reconstruction Project

Sekwang Engineering Consultants
(Daewoo E&C)

Caisson Installation Simulation & Study by Floating Dock for Nigeria Container Terminal

Hangdo Engineering
(SK E&C)

Basic Design of Breakwater for Busan Gamcheon Port

Samsung C&T

Caisson Loadout, Launching, Installation Safety Check & Reinforcement Design for Jeju Naval Base

Daewoo E&C

Mooring Analysis for Floating Islands in Han River

Deokjin Engineering

Basic Design of Vessel Uplift Facility in Donghae City